Zulu Half Moon Battle Axe

A Very Scarce 19th Century Shona Scorpion Tail Blade Axe

Origin: Shona People (Lower Zambezi, Zimbabwe, Mozambique)
Time Period: 19th Century
Provenance: UK Market
Materials: Wood, Iron, Brass Wire

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Zulu Half Moon Battle Axe

Axe Description

Zulu half moon blade axes are extremely rare to find on the open market. Not too many survived over the years and the few are held in private collections and museums. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone to add this piece to their collection

Half Moon Axe Traditional Use

These axes were common among Nguni tribes, Tsonga and Shona tribes across Southern Africa. They were used for ceremonial pre-battle purposes and some were used as a status symbol in the community.


  • Semi circular blade (likely from a European food chopper)
  • Plain dark and short wooden haft.


Zulu and Shona – Half Moon Blade


Genuine tribal artwork valuation is typically based on some of the following criteria with the help of an expert:

  1. Condition, (damages, repairs)
  2. Authenticity and Provenance, (history of ownership)
  3. Quality, (the type of material used, preservation, skill, aesthetics/beauty)
  4. Uniqueness (the only one of its kind), rarity (occurs only in few locations)  affect value.

British Museum

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