Hunga Munga Mambele Throwing Knife – Mangbetu Tribal Weapon

Time Period: 20th C.

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Hunga Munga Mambele Throwing Knife – Mangbetu Tribal Weapon.

A mambele is a form of hybrid knife/axe from central and southern Africa, originating from a curved throwing dagger used by the Mangbetu.

The mambele typically consists of an iron blade with a curved back section and rearward spike. It can be used in close combat as a hatchet or dagger, or more typically as a throwing weapon. It usually consists of four blades, three on top and one on the side. The curved hook was used to keep the weapon in the victim, and if pulled out, caused further damage. These African iron weapons are thrown with a rotatory motion, and can inflict deep wounds with their projecting blades.

The Mambele is also known as: Hunga Munga, Danisco, Goleyo, Njiga or Kpinga.

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