Consignment refers to an arrangement where goods are placed in the care of the store until the item is bought by a buyer. The owner of the goods, you — the consignor – retains ownership of the items until they sell. When the item sells, — The Consignee — would pay the owner an agreed-upon portion of the proceeds from the sale.

A consignment contract differs from a wholesale deal in that you are not selling your products to the store. We act as a third party, an intermediary working on your behalf to generate compensation from the sale.


We are mainly interested in rare vintage, antique, or collectible items. Basically, it has to be:

Rare, Unique, Authentic, Well Crafted, and Invigorating

Notice the word RARE / SCARCE invariably repeated throughout our website. This brings us to the next step. Our team decides whether to accept your items or not based on criteria such as QUALITY and RARITY.

Step 1: Send us detailed information including clear pictures of your item.


Step 2: A representative will get back to you after making an assessment.

Step 3: Arrangements will be made to list your item on our platform if successful.

Step 4: Payment will be made to you based on the following terms: In USD, 15% for works $50,000 and up, 20% for works between $25,000 to $50,000 and 25% for works between $10,000 to $25 000 and 30%  for works up to $10,000. Detailed terms can be found here.