Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) Tribal Chief’s / Headman’s Insignia: Gorget

Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) Tribal Chief’s / Headman’s Insignia: Gorget

Rhodesian Chief’s / Headman’s Insignia: Gorget

Rhodesian chief’s insignia often comprised of a badge or gorget made of brass with a silver British or Rhodesian coat of arms in the middle. In most cases, these gorgets had no stamps or identifying marks to them.

In 1894 the British South Africa Company established the Native Affairs Department, an administration for tribal trust lands and local people of now Zimbabwe. In 1962,  NAtive Affairs Dept. was renamed the Ministry of Internal Affairs (INTAF) a paramilitary wing of the Rhodesian government. INTAF played a key role in the Rhodesian Bush War collaborating with local chiefs in several districts.

Important events and celebrations were held for newly appointed chiefs and headmen. These events were organized by INTAF, which in turn provided the chiefs with distinct regalia and insignia. Please watch the video below (no sound):

Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother visited Southern Rhodesia now Zimbabwe in July 1957, at Matobo, in the Matopos Hills. Here she was presented with an elaborate wrought-iron fireplace screen embellished with elephant tasks on both ends two Chief’s badges, and a Headman’s badge below.




Queen Elizabeth’s  Gift from Rhodesian Chiefs, 1957




Here’s the video:

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