Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we do! We will provide this upon request. We gaurantee and fully back products we sell 100%.
Absolutely, just send us a request prior to your order. Additional charges may apply.
As a verified and approved vendor, there is no limit!
We primarily sell antiques and vintage items but also focus on rare, unique collectible pieces. You will find from time to time, recent or contemporary items listed on our site. Infact, we have a category of contemporary art and artifacts on our website.
Yes, for local purchases only after arrangements. Payment has to be completed online prior to pickup or delivery.
If there is a technical issue on our end with your payment, send us a note and we will respond usually within 2hrs. There are several options we can explore to make your purchase successful. We also buy internationally so we totaly understand how frustrating it can be to process some payments.
Most countries, as long we have the ability to track and insure the package.
We are based in Ontario, Canada so tax only applies to Canadian residents. If you are charged tax during checkout which does not apply to you, we will gladly refund the tax portion.
Yes, send us a message to our main email: info@hillscollectibles.com or hillcollectibles@gmail.com
Yes, we have a process for you to become a vendor. Check out the consignment section from the menu on top. You have to be approved and gone through verification processes.